Finding Pet Friendly Places When on Vacation

Going on vacation does not mean that you have to leave your pet behind. There are many places that you can take your pet and still enjoy yourself on vacation with them along.

Many hotels and motels now have rooms that you can stay in that your pet can stay right in the room with you. There are many pet friendly places that you can vacation at. These places usually charge extra for a pet fee, but that is mostly because of the extra cleaning involved with pet hair and other incidentals.

When traveling with your pet you will want to make sure that you have some things with you that you will need. One would be their shot records and health reports from the vet’s office in case your dog gets sick and needs to visit a vet while you are on vacation. Also many boarding facilities require these records for your pet to stay even a few hours with them. You can get copies of these just by calling your vets office.

Dietary foods should be packed so that you don’t give your dog or pet problems with eating new and different foods. You should pack their usually foods and treats and take them along with you so that nothing changes in their diet. Even water that is different can upset their stomach and interfere with your vacation. If you are driving you can bring along several gallons of water from home so that they will have water they are used to.

Toys, blankets and other comforting items that your dog is used to can be brought along with you this will help them relax if you are boarding them somewhere that they have never been before.

Before going on vacation with your pet it is a good ideal to research and call places to see if they accept pets to stay. Planning ahead can save you aggregation of trying to find a pet friendly place when you are tired.

Leaving your best friend behind when you are going on vacation doesn’t have to be that way anymore. More and more places are recognizing that pets are part of peoples lives and are accepting them as such.

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